IFRA Certification


All fragrances (essential oil based) used in environ products are certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) in compliance of the IFRA - 49th amendment published on January 2020. The fragrances used meet the requirements for IFRA Class 10, 11 and 12 level of use with a signficant margin built into every formulation to ensure your health is protected.

What is IFRA Standards?

IFRA  is a global organization that represents the fragrance industry and is responsible for establishing standards and guidelines for the safe use of fragrances in various products, including cleaning products. Here's a brief description of what IFRA does and represent:

  1. IFRA sets rigorous safety standards to ensure that fragrances used in consumer products are safe for human health. These standards are based on scientific research and consider potential risks associated with specific fragrance ingredients.

  2. IFRA conducts a comprehensive evaluation of fragrance ingredients to determine their safety profiles. They assess potential sensitization, irritation, and toxicity risks to ensure that the ingredients used in fragrances meet acceptable safety levels.

  3. IFRA evaluates the potential exposure levels to fragrance ingredients in different product categories, such as cleaning products for different product classes. This assessment helps determine the maximum safe concentration of fragrance that can be used in a particular product to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

  4. IFRA guidelines also address the issue of VOC emissions. VOCs can contribute to indoor air pollution and may have harmful effects on human health. By adhering to IFRA standards, fragrance manufacturers aim to reduce the emission of VOCs from their products.

What does IFRA certification mean for you?

  1. Safety Assurance: By using IFRA certified fragrances, you can have confidence that the fragrances in their cleaning products have undergone rigorous safety evaluations and comply with established safety standards. This helps minimize the risk of adverse reactions or health issues associated with fragrance use.

  2. Reduced Sensitization Risks: IFRA guidelines focus on identifying and controlling potentially sensitizing fragrance ingredients. By using IFRA certified fragrances, the likelihood of triggering allergies or sensitivities in family members, especially those with sensitive skin or respiratory conditions, is significantly reduced.

  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality: IFRA standards help regulate VOC emissions from fragrances. By using IFRA certified fragrances in cleaning products, you can contribute to maintaining better indoor air quality for yoyr family and reduce potential respiratory irritations or allergic reactions caused by high VOC levels.

  4. Transparency and Compliance: IFRA certified fragrances provide consumers with transparent information about the ingredients used and their safety. Compliance with IFRA standards indicates that manufacturers are committed to responsible fragrance usage and adhere to industry best practices.

Thus, using cleaning products with IFRA certified fragrances  can offer you and your families peace of mind and assurance. Using IFRA products is part of our committment and promise to you, to provide non-toxic cleaning products that do not put you or your families health in jeapoardy while being both affordable, effective and efficient.